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      Double Braid Garter Flashes - Purple


      The flashes are worn as garters around the top of the kilt socks, and are available in a variety of different plain colours to harmonize with the colour of the kilt.

    • original

      Endrick Ghillie Brogues


      Save 28%

      Gaelic Theme Ghillie Brogues are made of the finest materials available and created by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry.

    • original

      Imitation Sgian Dubh


      A necessary accessory to complete your kilt outfit is this beautifully hand crafted traditional sgian dubh. This sgian dubh has a resin handle moulded with a woven texture and has an antique finish thistle crested badge with the word Scotland embossed across the top. The sgian dubh is further decorated with detailed metal work depicting the thistle and a crown at the top, which has a topaz stone embedded in it. The metal work is pewter with a plated finish of antique silver and will add elegance and class to all highland dress wear.

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