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Ghillie Brogue, Supplier of the finest Scottish Shoes and Accessories.

Beautiful Hand Crafted Shoes and accessories

Combining Time Tested Craftmanship With Modern Technology

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Only the best

We are a stockist of the highest quality Ghillie Brogues in Scotland. The world renowned Thistle Shoe.

Quality throughout

The Thistle mark is an assurance that your shoe is made to the highet standards and is unrivaled anywhere in the world.


Our selection of dress and semi-dress sporrans are hand made and designed to the highest standards.

Premium Kilt Hose

Range of Hose to complement your footwear from our budget to premium range. Plain, embroidered or patterned opions available.

Belt Buckles

We have a range of belt buckles to choose from.

Fully Stitched Sole

Fully Stitched Sole For Maximum Wear

Ghillie Brogues are not just about quality it's about style too.

At Ghillie Brogues we provide only the finest hand crafted shoes and accessories. Thistle, Loake and Gaelic Themed shoes. With a wide range of accessories to complement your shoes such as Dress and Semi-Dress Sporrans, Hose, Flashes and Sign Dubns. At Ghillie brogues we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and service. Please browse our shop and if there is something you are looking for that we do not currently stock please call and ask, as we may be able to source it for you.

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